But as far as I can tell, there's no "indent all" option. I'd have to do it by hand, or remove and recreate the line breaks in the text files.

Justin French wrote:

on 20/12/02 4:04 PM, Leif K-Brooks ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

Thanks, but that's not what I'm looking for. I already have a good php
editor, what I'm looking for is something to indent exsiting files.

... so open them up in the editor, indent them, save them, continue using
your old editor.


Mike Bowers wrote:

I use Ultra-Edit 32 .. It auto-indents when u set highlight mode to PHP
.. It also has a syntax higlight feature to show you when it recoginises
PHP4.2.3 code .. http://www.ultraedit.com

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I haven't been indenting any of my code, but I want to start indenting
to make the code more readable. It would be near-impossible for me to
manually indent what's already there, though. So, I'm looking for a
program to indent an entire folder of PHP files at once. Any

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