I have a PHP script that prints x number of products and related code to the generated HTML page. In that repeated code is a JavaScript that enables a pop-up window with an enlarged photo of a thumbnail image. The code printed to the JavaScript is dynamically generated in the loop and is correct. *However*, since the JavaScript has the same_name in all its renditions, when it's activated, it calls the last dynamically generated enlarged image, which is not necessarily the one the client cares to see. How do I keep my dynamic generation and get the correct photo to print? Is it possible to name functions differently via including an incremented variable? Here's my code:

<?php // display the products
while( $fcp->next_record() ){

<tr><td align=left valign=top colspan=1>

<table width="100%" cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 border=0>
<tr><td align=left valign=top colspan=3>

if($fcp->f("prodpic")){ // show the product picture (if defined)
width="<?php echo $fcp->f("prodpicw")?>"
height="<?php echo $fcp->f("prodpich")?>"

<script language="javascript">
var photo = new String();
photo.src = "Jewelry.php?photo=<? echo ereg_replace('\.','%2E',htmlentities(urlencode($fcp->f("prodpic"))))?>&height=<? echo
function popUp(here) {
larimar = eval( here + ".src");
newWindow = window.open(larimar,"","toolbar=0,menubar=0,width=500,height=450, scrollbars=1 ,status=0,location=0,dire
<table border=0><tr><td align=center>
<a href="#" onClick="popUp('photo')"><img src="<? echo $fcp->f("prodtpic")?>"
width="<?php echo $fcp->f("prodtpicw")?>"
height="<?php echo $fcp->f("prodtpich")?>"
border=0 align=left></a><br clear=all>
<i>Click image for enlargement.</i>

So, how do I set an incrementor on popUp(here)?

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