On Saturday 21 December 2002 03:27, Beauford.2002 wrote:
> Jon,
> You may have answered my question, but I'm still confused. I see from your
> example that the actual function comes before the function is called in the
> script, and when I changed mine to that format it worked.
> Now the confusion. I have another script which is the opposite of your
> example, and works fine. So why would one work one way but not the other. I
> have included the exact format I have for the one that doesn't work, and
> below that the actual code of the one that does work. In most languages I
> have used, this is the correct format - it makes for easier reading.

PHP looks at the whole file before doing anything. So it doesn't matter where 
in the code you define your function. I usually put all my functions at the 
end so they don't get in the way of the main loop.

You must have some other problem. Crank up the error reporting and look at the 
error log.

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