> How can i do for printing the value of an array given the numeric key
> example i have this code:
> $array = array (
>     'VAL1' => "VALUE1",
>     'VAL2' => "VALUE2",
>     'VAL3' => "VALUE3"
> )
> So the only way i have found to print the value is like this :
>     echo $array['VAL1'];
> and it prints = VALUE1 but i want to know if its possible to do it
> something
> like this:
>     echo $array[0];
> i mean give the numeric key for printing VALUE1 so instead the string
> (VAL1) use the numerc (0)

You can't, because there is no key of zero in that array. All arrays are
associative, so the only way to use $array[0] is to define $array[0]. 

If you're looking to loop through your array, there are other methods.

---John W. Holmes...

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