I am getting a lot of information about running the web server as root and
the associated problems and so on as I've been looking for a quick solution.
I have a perl script that is run by cron that executes sequence of events
via sftp.  The sftp client has no option that I know of to denote a
different user than the one executing the command using rsa so I set up a
user with the same name as the user needed to log into the remote server and
run it under cron for that user.  I want to place a simple button on my web
site that executes that script but it has to be run by that user.  Since
there will be no interface on the site for which commands can be sent using
this page I'm not too worried about any kind of exploit.  I also don't want
to have to go through the process of installing and learning the methods of
use for apache suExec.  I also don't want the entire web server running as
this user.  Does anyone know of a quick and dirty solution for this

Larry S. Brown
Dimension Networks, Inc.
(727) 723-8388

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