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> I want to start a native process and capture the output while it is being
> generated and display it to the screen. I dont want to output to be
> displayed on the screen all at once after the process completes.


However note the section in flush() that says, "Note: flush() has no effect
on the buffering scheme of your webserver or the browser on the client side.
Several servers, especially on Win32, will still buffer the output from your
script until it terminates before transmitting the results to the browser."

This was my issue with using this capability of PHP...it didn't seem to
work, like Perl's "$| = 1;" did on the same server (Unix Apache).  The
server's config has the output_buffering INI setting set to "no value".
Seems odd since I got the Perl script to not buffer, which would imply it's
not a browser issue.

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