ill try it.. about the address bar icoulc be very cool for doing it!
"Larry Brown" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Before the <body> tag you have the <head> </head> tags.  Place
> of the page</title> and it will show up on the title bar instead of the
> If you want to get rid of the address bar of the browser window, let me
> and I can post the javascript for creating that window.
> Larry S. Brown
> Dimension Networks, Inc.
> (727) 723-8388
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> From: Alexander Guevara [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Saturday, December 21, 2002 12:54 PM
> Subject: [PHP] No tshowing url in title bar....
> Dont know if this concerns to php genral.. but i want to know how can i do
> for preventing showing the url in the title bar of the browser.. for
> i click a link that goes to a php page called verify.php and in the
> browser title bar is show this..
> It is posssible to not show the url..  i mena show a title i dont know.
> Thanks!
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