Hi all,

I came across the following weird situation. I don't get it, I hope some of
you can explain the logic of it all.

[begin code]-------------------------------

/* Define class Parent. Its constructor sets an instance of Child in
property $child and passes itself to Child's constructor. */
class Parent
    var $child;
    var $property = 'one';

    function Parent()
        $this->child = &new Child($this);

/* Define class Child. Its constructor assigns a reference of the Parent
object that contains this Child object to property $parent. */
class Child
    var $parent;

    function Child(&$p)
        $this->parent = &$p;

/* This function instantiates and returns a new Parent class. */
function createParent()
    return new Parent;

/* $p is a reference of the Parent object created by createParent(). */
$p = &createParent();

/* The $property property of the Parent object is changed. */
$p->property = 'two';

/* Since $p should be the same object as $p->child->parent, the following
should print twice the same. */
print $p->property . '<BR>';
print $p->child->parent->property . '<BR>';

[end code]-----------------------------------

Now the problem is: IT DOES NOT PRINT TWICE THE SAME!!!
Instead it prints 'two' and then 'one', which indicates that
$p->child->parent is another object than $p. The problem is that the object
*returned* by createParent() is not the same object as the object that is
*created* by createParent(). Just replace the line $p = &createParent(); by
$p = &new Parent(); -- this works perfectly fine! Conclusion: createParent()
does not return the object it creates!

Someone knows why this ain't working and how to solve it?!? Hope so, can't
wait to hear from you guys.

Thanks in advance,

Tim Molendijk

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