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 ID:                 28619
 Updated by:         ka...@php.net
 Reported by:        mspruit at wirehub dot nl
 Summary:            PDF version of talks at talks.php.net
-Status:             Open
+Status:             Closed
 Type:               Feature/Change Request
 Package:            Website problem
 PHP Version:        Irrelevant
-Assigned To:        
+Assigned To:        kalle
 Block user comment: N
 Private report:     N

 New Comment:

I'm gonna close this, as I doubt it will ever happen. Currently it is pretty 
much Rasmus and Derick that puts slides up there in their own format. Should 
someone want to take over pres2 they can reopen this

Previous Comments:
[2008-06-14 15:29:14] phi...@php.net

PDF support was removed at some point... this is now a feature request to have 
PDF versions of the talks.

[2004-06-03 11:18:38] mspruit at wirehub dot nl

On the sub-site http://talks.php.net I like to see the talks in PDF(A4) version.
Often there's an error while trying to display the PDF.
The page at http://talks.php.net/index.php/PHP cannot be set at PDF at all.
The talks in the XML-section don't show at all in PDF.

Apart from this, the page have no 'back-button' to return to the homepage.

Hope you'll fix it,
thanx, Martijn Spruit, The Netherlands.


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