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Add Northeast PHP 2018 CFP

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  A  archive/entries/2018-02-22-1.xml

diff --git a/archive/entries/2018-02-22-1.xml b/archive/entries/2018-02-22-1.xml
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--- /dev/null
+++ b/archive/entries/2018-02-22-1.xml
@@ -0,0 +1,17 @@
+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
+<entry xmlns=""; 
+  <title>Northeast PHP 2018 Boston - Call for Speakers</title>
+  <id></id>
+  <published>2018-02-22T22:41:47-05:00</published>
+  <updated>2018-02-22T22:41:47-05:00</updated>
+  <default:finalTeaserDate 
+  <category term="cfp" label="Call for Papers"/>
+  <link href=""; 
rel="alternate" type="text/html"/>
+  <default:newsImage xmlns=""; 
link=""; title="Northeast PHP 
+  <link href=""; rel="via" type="text/html"/>
+  <content type="xhtml">
+    <div xmlns="";>
+     <p>The team at Northeast PHP is excited to annouce that we're returning 
to Boston, September 19-21 2018, and the <a 
href="";>Call for Speakers</a> is now open until 
April 11.</p><p>We're pleased to announce our conference, <a 
href="";>the 2018 Web Development and UX Conference 
by Northeast PHP</a>, where community members come together to learn and share 
information about the latest trends and technologies in professional PHP 
development, User Experience design, and Web Technologies.</p><p>Our community 
oriented conference wants to hear from you! Our speaker package includes a full 
conference ticket and hotel for out of town speakers. We're interested in talks 
about PHP secuity, internals, testing, and frameworks; Front End JavaScript 
development; Front End user experience design, accessibility, virtual and 
augmented reality, mobile design, information visualization; and soft topics 
including project management, agile, professional development, mental health, 
and human resources. First time speakers are welcome and encouraged.</p>
+    </div>
+  </content>

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