Commit:    8a8dc9ac8ac19e93b99d2f9a6ff34df4b0cfd24e
Author:    Christoph M. Becker <>         Mon, 2 Dec 2019 
09:02:44 +0100
Parents:   f43aa6acf8e7f34f90f544cef85c3bd9e72290a0
Branches:  master


PHP 7.4 is GA, 7.1 is EOL

Changed paths:
  M  bin/pecl_build_all.bat

diff --git a/bin/pecl_build_all.bat b/bin/pecl_build_all.bat
index 4e709b4..62483b4 100644
--- a/bin/pecl_build_all.bat
+++ b/bin/pecl_build_all.bat
@@ -40,12 +40,12 @@ ECHO running > "%LOCK_FILE%"
 rem Notice the --first and the --last calls marked, that's important
 rem to maintain the state between call for the same package. For instance
 rem if --aggregate-mail is used.
-call "%PHP_RMTOOLS_PHP_SDK_ROOT_PATH%\phpsdk-starter.bat" -c vc15 -a x64 -t 
"%PHP_RMTOOLS_BIN_PATH%\pecl.bat" --task-args "--config=pecl73_x64 --first %*" 
>> "%LOG_FILE%" 2<&1
+call "%PHP_RMTOOLS_PHP_SDK_ROOT_PATH%\phpsdk-starter.bat" -c vc15 -a x64 -t 
"%PHP_RMTOOLS_BIN_PATH%\pecl.bat" --task-args "--config=pecl74_x64 --first %*" 
>> "%LOG_FILE%" 2<&1
+call "%PHP_RMTOOLS_PHP_SDK_ROOT_PATH%\phpsdk-starter.bat" -c vc15 -a x86 -t 
"%PHP_RMTOOLS_BIN_PATH%\pecl.bat" --task-args "--config=pecl74_x86 %*" >> 
"%LOG_FILE%" 2<&1
+call "%PHP_RMTOOLS_PHP_SDK_ROOT_PATH%\phpsdk-starter.bat" -c vc15 -a x64 -t 
"%PHP_RMTOOLS_BIN_PATH%\pecl.bat" --task-args "--config=pecl73_x64 %*" >> 
"%LOG_FILE%" 2<&1
 call "%PHP_RMTOOLS_PHP_SDK_ROOT_PATH%\phpsdk-starter.bat" -c vc15 -a x86 -t 
"%PHP_RMTOOLS_BIN_PATH%\pecl.bat" --task-args "--config=pecl73_x86 %*" >> 
"%LOG_FILE%" 2<&1
 call "%PHP_RMTOOLS_PHP_SDK_ROOT_PATH%\phpsdk-starter.bat" -c vc15 -a x64 -t 
"%PHP_RMTOOLS_BIN_PATH%\pecl.bat" --task-args "--config=pecl72_x64 %*" >> 
"%LOG_FILE%" 2<&1
-call "%PHP_RMTOOLS_PHP_SDK_ROOT_PATH%\phpsdk-starter.bat" -c vc15 -a x86 -t 
"%PHP_RMTOOLS_BIN_PATH%\pecl.bat" --task-args "--config=pecl72_x86 %*" >> 
"%LOG_FILE%" 2<&1
-call "%PHP_RMTOOLS_PHP_SDK_ROOT_PATH%\phpsdk-starter.bat" -c vc14 -a x64 -t 
"%PHP_RMTOOLS_BIN_PATH%\pecl.bat" --task-args "--config=pecl71_x64 %*" >> 
"%LOG_FILE%" 2<&1
-call "%PHP_RMTOOLS_PHP_SDK_ROOT_PATH%\phpsdk-starter.bat" -c vc14 -a x86 -t 
"%PHP_RMTOOLS_BIN_PATH%\pecl.bat" --task-args "--config=pecl71_x86 --last %*" 
>> "%LOG_FILE%" 2<&1
+call "%PHP_RMTOOLS_PHP_SDK_ROOT_PATH%\phpsdk-starter.bat" -c vc15 -a x86 -t 
"%PHP_RMTOOLS_BIN_PATH%\pecl.bat" --task-args "--config=pecl72_x86 --last %*" 
>> "%LOG_FILE%" 2<&1
 echo Done.>> "%LOG_FILE%"

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