Branch: refs/heads/master
  Commit: 91bd7e4f0eacef38379016571bb3e97597b52bbb
  Author: Michal Čihař <>
  Date:   2013-08-06 (Tue, 06 Aug 2013)

  Changed paths:
    M libraries/
    M libraries/sqlparser.lib.php

  Log Message:
  Remove no longer needed doc name mappings

  Commit: eac01ea7f75590cf539616394defd3bc2e1d3c80
  Author: Michal Čihař <>
  Date:   2013-08-06 (Tue, 06 Aug 2013)

  Changed paths:
    M libraries/Util.class.php

  Log Message:
  Split URL generating from returning URL

  Commit: d7c3b58337d778a733bbcdc691ab6c841221d596
  Author: Michal Čihař <>
  Date:   2013-08-06 (Tue, 06 Aug 2013)

  Changed paths:
    M ChangeLog
    M doc/config.rst
    M libraries/Util.class.php
    M libraries/config.default.php
    M test/classes/PMA_DbSearch_test.php
    M test/classes/PMA_TableSearch_test.php
    M test/classes/PMA_Table_test.php
    M test/classes/plugin/import/ImportCsv_test.php
    M test/classes/plugin/import/ImportLdi_test.php
    M test/classes/plugin/import/ImportOds_test.php
    M test/libraries/PMA_build_html_for_db_test.php
    M test/libraries/PMA_display_export_test.php
    M test/libraries/PMA_operations_test.php
    M test/libraries/PMA_server_engines_test.php
    M test/libraries/PMA_server_status_advisor_test.php
    M test/libraries/PMA_server_status_monitor_test.php
    M test/libraries/PMA_server_status_queries_test.php
    M test/libraries/PMA_server_status_test.php
    M test/libraries/PMA_server_status_variables_test.php
    M test/libraries/PMA_server_variables_test.php
    M test/libraries/PMA_transformation_test.php
    M test/libraries/rte/PMA_RTN_getEditorForm_test.php
    M test/libraries/rte/PMA_RTN_getExecuteForm_test.php

  Log Message:
  Dropped MySQL manual type configuration

Nothing but default settings is really working now:

- most formats are no longer available on MySQL formats
- for downloadable doc our links are in most cases broken and nobody
  noticed this, so I assume nobody is using this
- anyway most current installations don't have troubles with internet
  access what was main motivation for this configuration directive

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