Branch: refs/heads/master
  Commit: 4ca8f9cdc241c732c3fdbb2dcfa562f1d8cc695d
  Author: Chanaka Indrajith <>
  Date:   2013-12-25 (Wed, 25 Dec 2013)

  Changed paths:
    M libraries/structure.lib.php
    M test/libraries/PMA_structure_test.php

  Log Message:
  Added table comment tool tip for tables, listed in database structure page

Signed-off-by: Chanaka Indrajith <>

  Commit: 74e22e34bf4c0b7f798a9378de53d6300c328ebb
  Author: Chanaka Indrajith <>
  Date:   2014-01-01 (Wed, 01 Jan 2014)

  Changed paths:
    M ChangeLog
    M export.php
    M js/ajax.js
    M js/chart.js
    M js/makegrid.js
    M js/navigation.js
    M js/pmd/iecanvas.js
    M js/pmd/move.js
    M js/server_privileges.js
    M js/sql.js
    M js/tbl_chart.js
    M js/tbl_select.js
    M libraries/DisplayResults.class.php
    M libraries/Scripts.class.php
    M libraries/core.lib.php
    M libraries/display_import.lib.php
    A libraries/export.lib.php
    M libraries/navigation/NavigationHeader.class.php
    M libraries/properties/plugins/ExportPluginProperties.class.php
    M libraries/properties/plugins/ImportPluginProperties.class.php
    M libraries/properties/plugins/PluginPropertyItem.class.php
    M libraries/server_collations.lib.php
    M libraries/server_privileges.lib.php
    M libraries/sql.lib.php
    M pmd_general.php
    M po/af.po
    M po/ar.po
    M po/az.po
    M po/be.po
    M po/b...@latin.po
    M po/bg.po
    M po/bn.po
    M po/br.po
    M po/bs.po
    M po/ca.po
    M po/ckb.po
    M po/cs.po
    M po/cy.po
    M po/da.po
    M po/de.po
    M po/el.po
    M po/en_GB.po
    M po/es.po
    M po/et.po
    M po/eu.po
    M po/fa.po
    M po/fi.po
    M po/fr.po
    M po/gl.po
    M po/he.po
    M po/hi.po
    M po/hr.po
    M po/hu.po
    M po/hy.po
    M po/ia.po
    M po/id.po
    M po/it.po
    M po/ja.po
    M po/ka.po
    M po/kk.po
    M po/kn.po
    M po/ko.po
    M po/ky.po
    M po/lt.po
    M po/lv.po
    M po/mk.po
    M po/ml.po
    M po/mn.po
    M po/ms.po
    M po/nb.po
    M po/nl.po
    M po/pa.po
    M po/phpmyadmin.pot
    M po/pl.po
    M po/pt.po
    M po/pt_BR.po
    M po/ro.po
    M po/ru.po
    M po/si.po
    M po/sk.po
    M po/sl.po
    M po/sq.po
    M po/sr.po
    M po/s...@latin.po
    M po/sv.po
    M po/ta.po
    M po/te.po
    M po/th.po
    M po/tk.po
    M po/tr.po
    M po/tt.po
    M po/ug.po
    M po/uk.po
    M po/ur.po
    M po/uz.po
    M po/u...@latin.po
    M po/vls.po
    M po/zh_CN.po
    M po/zh_TW.po
    M setup/frames/
    M setup/frames/
    M setup/lib/form_processing.lib.php
    M test/classes/plugin/export/PMA_ExportCodegen_test.php
    M test/libraries/PMA_Form_Processing_test.php
    M test/libraries/PMA_server_privileges_test.php
    M themes/original/css/common.css.php
    M themes/pmahomme/css/common.css.php

  Log Message:
  Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' into rfe_1462

  Commit: 45dd69d55bddc65eaaa534086486dcfffb532fe0
  Author: Chanaka Indrajith <>
  Date:   2014-01-01 (Wed, 01 Jan 2014)

  Changed paths:
    M ChangeLog

  Log Message:
  Added rfe to changlog

Signed-off-by: Chanaka Indrajith <>

  Commit: 0dd1fa9f89e0a58ed08129caaebb32ae7676abd9
  Author: Atul Pratap Singh <>
  Date:   2014-01-02 (Thu, 02 Jan 2014)

  Changed paths:
    M ChangeLog
    M libraries/structure.lib.php
    M test/libraries/PMA_structure_test.php

  Log Message:
  Merge pull request #816 from Chanaka/rfe_1462

Added table comment tool tip for database structure page

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