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Thanks for your fast replay.

I started to translate the XML files,  when I finish I send 
back to you. I'm
the first interested to take the phpmybiblio, in portuguese 
version, for
installing in our library.


Luis Rocha



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Subject: Re: phpmybiblio


Selon Luis Jorge Rocha <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Congratulations about phpmybiblio project!

Many thanks !!! 

> I work in a Technological Center for Metal Industry ,in

> Portugal (CATIM -

>, and we have a small library and we are

> consider adopt an Open

> Source Library System, but using the UNIMARC format.

> The question is, anyone use PHPmyBiblio in a real

> library? 

This software is currently in use in a french library 

located in Bueil (Touraine). People there seem to 

appreciate it (one member of the devel team lives and works 


> Perhaps we can participate in creating a Portuguese

> version of phpmybiblio,

> if ok, how can we start?

Every contribution is welcomed... We've been working on 

making localisation as simple as possible. Localisation is 

based on XML files. All you'll have to do is to take one of 

the existing language file (fr_FR.xml, en_US.xml, es_ES.xml 

or it_IT.xml) and translate it to portuguese. The software 

uses about 700 different messages to be translated. Some of 

them are only a word and the others a phrase. Once this is 

done, the language is ready to be added to the supported 

language list.

There is also a small set of local datas describing some 

things used by UNIMARC to translate (3 or 4 small files 

in /includes/marc_tables/).

Translation process can be very fast this way.

Thanks again for your interest in this project. Please, 

feel free to contact us for any question or comment about 

this software and to blame my inconsistant use of english 

language ;-)



François Lemarchand

homepage :

PhpMyBibli :

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