Hi Jafer Toolkit Project !

I am a member of the development team of PMB : PhpMyBibli which aims to be a
web application for small or medium circulating libraries.

Our project can be tested on www.pizz.net/PhpMyBibli/ , it is already
translated (not fully) in english so that you can have a good insight.

Your solution to set up a Z3950 server seems to be a very good way for our
circulating libraries to share their informations. I tried to set it up at
home, and I have to say I found it hard ;-)

I found how to set up the server in server.xml but I'm still unable to find
where I must describe my database structure or where one should write the
queries, the relations between tables.

I didn't find documentation about that, is there any way to collaborate so
that my (our) job to configure JAFER with our database structure could be a
very good part of a set of example for your documentation ?

Thanks in advance.

Le Gué Luneau

+33 2 47 24 89 29

[EMAIL PROTECTED] / www.pizz.net

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