Revision: 27
Author:   mgeisler
Date:     2006-05-15 12:16:29 -0700 (Mon, 15 May 2006)

Log Message:
Updated information about bug reporting, pointing people to the
SourceForge trackers instead of the discussion on my blog (which is
getting way to big).

Modified Paths:
Modified: trunk/INSTALL
--- trunk/INSTALL       2006-05-15 19:11:22 UTC (rev 26)
+++ trunk/INSTALL       2006-05-15 19:16:29 UTC (rev 27)
@@ -93,6 +93,18 @@
 Bugs?  Comments?
-If you find a bug or miss something in PHP Shell, please don't
-hesitate to mail me at <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>!  Or you could drop by
-and leave a comment at
+If you find a bug or miss something in PHP Shell, please take a look
+at the Tracker System at SourceForge:
+There you will find trackers for Bugs, Patches, and Feature Requests.
+You are invited to add items to these so that they wont get lost.
+You can also email the development list, found at:
+This list is for discussion about all things PHP Shell and it is a
+good place to discuss a feature or bug before adding it to one of the
+SourceForge trackers.

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