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Author:   mgeisler
Date:     2008-05-12 05:05:40 -0700 (Mon, 12 May 2008)

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Updated heading.

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Modified: web/htdocs/index.html
--- web/htdocs/index.html       2007-03-17 15:43:42 UTC (rev 29)
+++ web/htdocs/index.html       2008-05-12 12:05:40 UTC (rev 30)
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@
   files around. All the normal command line programs like ps, free,
   du, df, etc… can be used.</p>
-  <h2>Limitations</h2>
+  <h2>Inherent Limitations</h2>
   <p>There are some limitations on what kind of programs you can run.
   It won’t do no good if you start a graphical program like Firefox or

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