The process of moving things over from mgeisler.net to SourceForge is
being completed step by step.  Most of the infrastructure for PHP
Shell has now been setup:

* Mailinglists: phpshell-devel and phpshell-commits.  They are also
  carried by Gmane, please see:


  (Please ignore the renaming of phpshell-commits to phpshell.cvs, it
  is the official Gmane policy to mangle names like that in the name
  of consistancy.)

* Trackers: Bugs, Patches, and Feature Requests.  I removed the
  Support Request tracker in the hope that people will write to the
  mailinglists instead.  All trackers actually feed the phpshell-devel
  list to make it easier to monitor things.

What still needs to be done:

* Import into CVS: I think I will import all the versions I have ever
  released of PHP Shell, all the way back to 1.5.  This will give us
  the entire project history, albeit with much abbreviated histories.

  We will hopefully soon be able to switch to Subversion, I've asked
  to be part of the upcoming beta on SF.

* File releases: the old files should of course be moved to SF.

* Homepage: A simple project page should be setup.  I imagine copying
  the page from another project of mine (http://pel.sf.net/) which has
  a simple layout and nice integration with the SF news system.

* Screenshots: A couple of nice screenshots should be posted on SF.

Suggestions?  Ideas?  Things I've forgotten?  Please get in contact!

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