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>Category: Built-in commands
Group: Version 2.1
Status: Open
>Resolution: Remind
Priority: 6
Submitted By: Martin Geisler (mgeisler)
>Assigned to: Martin Geisler (mgeisler)
Summary: Directory names with spaces

Initial Comment:
You currently cannot switch to a directory with spaces
in its name.  Spaces in normal file names are no
problem, they are handled just like any other shell.

The problem is that PHP Shell doesn't decode the string
before passing it to the PHP chdir() function.  So any
quoting or escaping done by the user is left as-is in
the call to chdir().


>Comment By: Martin Geisler (mgeisler)
Date: 2006-05-08 00:28

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Actually one can switch to directories with spaces in the
name, one simply don't quote the spaces in any special way.
 PHP Shell deals with the 'cd' command as an internal
command and naïvely does a chdir() call with the path found
after the 'cd' command.

PHP Shell should probably remove quotes like other shells or
this should be documented.


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