I have using a combination phpsh, which is proprietary, and file
manager, which is a security risk, for about 1/2 decade.  I very much
wanted to work on phpsh, but, as I couldn't distribute it, I deferred.
 Also, I have not been a paid technologist since the tech crash of the
early 2000s, and my focus has been sociology, education, and
psychology -- and long haul trucking ($!)

I am using godaddy, so first I will attempt to create an initiation
file, and I will also attempt to alter the PHP timeouts, as well as
figure out how to background jobs for making tar balls, for instance.

A nice component would be hypertext links on the pathnames, and also
possible hypertext links on commands, if they don't require modifiers.
 Years ago, I made Perl libraries to substitute shell commands so that
shell could be more friendly, and also so it could be embedded more

It would also be nice to use an editor native to the computer to edit
files as a substitute for VI, or whatever you prefer.  This would
require FTP or some HTTP connection.

Other ideas are coming to mind as I write.

Since 2000, I have been considering the possibility of a new shell.
As great as SH and KSH are, they were, in a sense, proof of concept
projects, and some of the syntax is awkward.  Also, though it seems
contradictory, I think the shell should be object-oriented so that it
can represent the motion of objects, such as we are used to on the

When I go started on psych in earnest, and I got to the nitty-gritty
of brain functions, I saw no other avenue except
functional-orientation, where the premise is that a static organism is
dead--we are all in constant motion, all our facilities are
functioning, and are not objects waiting to be evoked, such as in
object-orientation.  In this model, the language comes last; first is
to sell the tool as an aid to conceptualization (which, believe me, is
an extreme need as psych is the last of the sciences to leave
philosophy, and is still awash if flowery, and usually meaningless,
theory).  As this might be a direction for me in the near future, and
since I am into a new shell, maybe the functional orientation can
layer upon static objectiveness.

Regards, John

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