Hi Harding,

I had not responded yet due to vacation. I'm also not sure if someone
else has already answered you (or if you even sent this message to
other people as well).

I don't have admin rights, so I can't give you commit access. For that
you will need to contact Wolfgang Dautermann. But I can commit myself,
so I could commit your changes for you if you want to.

I'm also interested in how you got windows compatibility working. Are
you sure your changes are based on the latest svn version and not on
the released version? There are quite a few changes in svn which I
thought could not be made windows compatible, but maybe I'm wrong. So
is your code somewhere available online?


On Fri, Aug 3, 2012 at 7:15 PM, Harding <nore...@sourceforge.net> wrote:
> Hi!
> I found PHP Shell the other day and liked it very much but I
> started to make some changes to the code and now I realized
> it\'s quite much and when I tried to commit them via SVN I
> couldn\'t (cause I\'m not on this team I guess)
> Here is what I tried to post in the update:
> Major changes:
> + Added Windows support! This however will break the
> backwards compatibility (but only if you are on windows!)
> since we need to use mb_convert_encoding()
> / *nix users should not notice any difference.
> + Added tab-completion (both *nix and windows) with the help
> of AJAX in jQuery
> / Changed the layout to be less bloaty. All info is still
> there but a little more compact
> / Made the command input width = the width of the browser
> / Moved some functions to the file include.php since I need
> those functions in the tab-completion file
> (autocomplete_filename.php)
> / Emulates register_globals = OFF if it\'s on.
> + Added settings for cols, rows and windows-encoding to the
> config
> File details:
> + Added config.php -> cols and rows for number of a user set
> number of columns and rows
> + Added config.php -> windows encoding for windows servers
> + Added PasswordHash.php -> Better entropy source for
> windows users
> / style.css -> Changed some minor stuff since special
> non-ASCII chars where not rendered properly. To be more
> specific the Swedish characters å ä ö
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