I had a 10 yr lapse of tech after the y2k tech crash til recently, when I
started doing a massive documenting (social-psych) and google docs failed
us -- so I am not familiar with SVN, GIT, etc.

However, I am planning a search engine for my google docs replacement (GDR)
which will put it on higher ground, and SHOULD be in git, or something, so
I should get interested -- GIT seems the to be most popular.

Also I am experimenting with Perl inside PHP which may be helpful for
WIndows vs. Posix conflicts.  I am formerly linux, but now support a native
L4 w/o any linux that explores a new paradigm for both driver support and
VM management, web servers being a kind of VM.

I am not pleased w/ Wikipedia, but believe that wiki is nearly the only way
to go if one supports a constructive web, as I do.  So, I guess I am
suggesting, that php shell go into GIT and discussion be on a wiki,
independent or through wiki media foundation.

What do you think?


On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 6:04 PM, Jan Kanis <jan.c...@jankanis.nl> wrote:

> I thought the svn version has a file upload capability (but maybe it needs
> to be enabled in the config file). A 'save and continue editing' option for
> the editor would be a good addition, but I'm not currently working a lot on
> phpshell, and I don't currently have time for it.
> Jan
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