I have an application where I am loading an XSD into the XML DAS and
loading an XML file.  I am then trying to determine if an element of
the XML file exists using isset with xpath path.  I am seeing that
true is always returned, even when it doesn't exist.  I don't know if
I am doing something wrong, this not supported, or there is a bug.

Here is a sample if what I am doing:

<site id ='12345'>
<extendedData dataType='name'>South Central</extendedData>
<extendedData dataType='timezone'>US/Central</extendedData>
<site id='23456'>

load xml into $doc

isset($doc["site[id='12345']/extendedData[dataType='name']"]) should
return true and does
isset($doc["site[id='12345']/extendedData[dataType='blah']"]) should
return false and returns true.

I am wondering if its not looking at the values in the brackets to do
that matching.


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