On 27 Feb, 10:54, "Matthew Peters" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> if it has been updated.  So what I am proposing is
> 1. Add a new cache parameter to Create() that defaults to true.
> 2. Use the file name as the key for caching.  This would also avoid
> accidentally caching the same file with different keys.
> 3. Check the xsd file modified time and refresh the cache if changed.
> This could be controlled via PHP.ini setting so it could be turned off
> for peak performance.  In our Dev/QA region we would have it
> automatically refreshed in production we would turn this off for
> better performance.

This seems like a decent proposal imo. I do like the cache in memory,
but eventually it would probably also need the special binary format
caching mechanism.
This is pretty much the way ext/soap handles things. The reason cache
in memory is not the default in ext/soap, IIRC, is for shared host
installs. The number of schemas in memory could be quite big depending
upon how many clients are using SDO/SCA on the machine.

As far as the cache refreshing goes, I completely agree with that
statement. With a flush method, it should also be possible then to
force a reload programatically in any event without having to bounce
the web server, correct?

For the rest of the things mentioned, I am still digesting some of the
finer points so will hold off commenting on them for now.


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