On 12 Mar, 17:35, "cdouglas" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> An example XML doc structure pulled from the CDATA section of the
> parent xml doc is:
> <applicationData>
>    <parameterSet>
>       <group name="group1">
>          <parameter name="param1">Value</parameter>
>       </group>
>      <group name="group2">
>         <parameter name="param2">value</parameter>
>      </group>
>      <group name="group3>
>            <group name="group4">
>                 <parameter name="param4">value</parameter>
>            </group>
>     </group>
>     </parameterSet>
> </applicationData>
> An group section is here that demonstrates the issue.  The issue
> occurs 3 times just in this small section, this is typical.
> I am currently running the following commands to clean it up before
> processing.
> $cdata = str_replace("<![CDATA[","",$cdata);
> $cdata = str_replace("]]>","",$cdata);
>  <gro]]><![CDATA[up name="callFlow">
>                         <group name="message">
>                                 <parameter name="allow">Y</parameter>
>                         </group>
>                         <group name="talk">
>                                 <parameter name="maxDuration">600</
> parameter>
>                         </group>
>                         <group name="acceptance">
>                                 <group name="allowMethods">
>                                         <parameter name="DTMF">Y</
> parameter>
>                                         ]]><![CDATA[<parameter
> name="Voice">N</parameter>
>                                         <parameter name="passive">Y</
> parameter>
>                                         <parameter name="Pulse">N</
> parameter>
>                                 </group>
>                                 <group name="cp">
>                                         <parameter name="allow">Y</
> parameter>
>                                 </group>
>                         </group>
>                         <group name="messages">
>                                 <parameter name="userDefined">N</
> pa]]><![CDATA[rameter>
>                                 <parameter name="talkOverlay">N</
> parameter>
>                                 <parameter name="talkRandom">N</
> parameter>
>                         </group>
>                 </group>

Hi Chris

Thanks for that. I tried this by creating a document with 20 or so
ApplicationData elements in CDATA sections and didn't see the effect
you are seeing (am running with the AVOCET branch at the moment). The
places you are seeing the CDATA markers are really strange and it
lookes like they are valid in as much that the CDATA section is
terminated and then started up again. I wonder if this is a buffering
thing somewhere. I.e something reads part of a CDATA secton and sends
a CDATA event which SDO uses to create a CDATA section. As only part
of the CDATA has been read the next part gets put in a separate CDATA
section. Anyhow just thinking aloud as I don't see any references to
this kind of thing in a quick web search. I need to investigate



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