On 5 Apr, 23:57, "cem" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I recently added some code which will help to track the allocation and
> deallocation of SDO objects. To turn it on, recompile the SDO
> extension with a preprocessor variable SDO_DEBUG_OBJECTS defined.  It
> will output logging information when an SDO object is created, when a
> zval which refers to it is destructed and when the object is freed.
> This function is approximately equivalent to turning on
> ZEND_DEBUG_OBJECTS in Zend_objects_API.c. But it is sometimes more
> useful because:
> - it gives you more information about the type of the object,
> - it only affects SDO objects, so generates less output,
> - you can use it even when you haven't built your PHP from source.
> On the negative side, it may be less useful than ZEND_DEBUG_OBJECTS
> because it does not track the incrementing and decrementing of
> reference counts.
Sounds useful Caroline. I'll give it a spin. I assume reference
counter changes are not trapped because there is no impact on the
object itselft from having its (or its zval) reference count modified.
Is that correct?



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