I have several XML schemas which import other schemas from Internet-
based locations, i.e.:

    <import namespace="http://indivo.org/xml/phr/contact";

This works fine when the schemaLocation actually exists, but for
software-in-development, that's not always the case.  In such
situations, our practice is to use a catalog file, which will contain
entries like:

    SYSTEM "http://indivo.org/xml/phr/contact.xsd"; "./contact.xsd"

(Ours are OASIS TR9401 catalogs, but there's no reason we couldn't be
using XML catalogs.)

This informs a schema consumer that any references to a URL should
instead be retrieved from another location, in this example, a local
file.  More info here:

Is there any way I can use a catalog file with SDO/DAS, or mimic such

Thank you kindly,
Jonathan Abbett

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