On May 9, 11:39 am, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Based on the last couple of posts to the list it seems that we will
> have to do a
> 1.2.1 release to fix a few deficiencies that we've found in the 1.2.0
> release. I've started a page to capture the issues.

Not strictly a release item, but I noticed that several files exist in
the SCA root directory which I think should have been deleted because
of Pluggable Bindings or other refactoring. Before I remove them, does
anyone disagree :

SCA_GenerateWsdl - now in soap bindings
SCA_LocalProxy - now in local bindings
SCA_RuntimeException - now in SCA_Exceptions
SCA_ServiceUnavailableExceptions - now in SCA_Exceptions
SCA_SoapProxy - now in soap bindings
SDO_TypeHandler - now in soap bindings

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