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> or tell me how to fix the docs and I'll do it.

Fixing the docs takes a bit of investment because it is a Linux-based
XML-based (DocBook) compile-style activity. I'll fix this one right
now. Sometime, if you fancy a go, here are some notes on the process:

PHP uses DocBook for extension documentation. Documentation is written
in XML and then 'make' is used to generate various document formats
(e.g. html, pdf, Windows Help, etc.).

Documentation is held in the php cvs repository. Check out the phpdoc
folder from the PHP CVS repository.

Note, this includes the howto and scripts mentioned in Dan's

Advice from Dan Scott: The core information you need to know to get
started is here: http://doc.php.net/php/dochowto/index.php. The
overall PHP documentation project is described in this presentation:

The following is the page in the howto doc that describes the
conventions to follow http://doc.php.net/php/dochowto/chapter-conventions.php.

WATCH OUT We should be validating the documentation before checking it
in. http://doc.php.net/php/dochowto/chapter-validating.php

This means make test and make test_xml before checking in.


If you have used the documentation tools on Windows/Cygwin you will
have learnt how slow they are. They go much faster on Linux even when
running in a VMWare machine. make html for the three SDO sections
takes about 1m 30s on a VMWare-hosted Linux instead of 5 minutes and
upwards on Windows, when running on the same physical machine.

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