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 ID:               10994
 Updated by:       [EMAIL PROTECTED]
 Reported By:      michael dot caplan at henryschein dot com
 Status:           Open
 Id:               10994
 Type:             Feature/Change Request
 Package:          SCA_SDO
 Operating System: CentOS 4
 PHP Version:      5.2.1
 New Comment:

>From the comments on the phpsoa thread, it looks as if the consensus is
clearly to suppress the files and backtrace, as you suggest. Good

Previous Comments:

[2007-05-15 13:09:27] mfp at php dot net

You make a good point. I started a discussion thread on phpsoa. Let's
see what ideas, if any, other people have.


[2007-05-09 10:51:52] michael dot caplan at henryschein dot com

Reading through the docs, I understand that it is by design that
business exceptions are relayed to the end user wholesale (IE: including
backtrace, file, line, etc), and wrapped up in the binding native error
structure.  For my purpose, I would like to relay exceptions to the end
user, but I would like to suppress everything with the exception of the
exception description and number.  Exposing files and backtraces in
exceptions to the end user I think is too much info to expose (for
security reasons, and simplicity).  

I don't see the value in having all this exposed to the end user, but I
am sure there is a good reason.  Perhaps a setting could be put into
place that would suppress all exception details except the message and


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