On 7 Jun, 10:29, Caroline Maynard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Simon Laws wrote:
> > I agree with you assessment, i.e. that the XMLDAS is stable but that the
> > relational DAS is still not well used enough to decide that it has
> > settled down.
> What he said. (I should have removed it from the XML DAS at the same
> time as the core, sorry if I didn't. Note that >all< the individual
> function doc files need fixing up too :-))

Sounds like agreement.  I'll make these edits when I get a bit of free
time... :-)

To summarize:
    - XML DAS (no longer experimental - must also remember to edit the
individual function files)
    - Relational DAS (thinking still evolving so should remain

Regards, Graham

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