I've just committed the code to DUNLIN for simpledb, along which some
DB2 and MySql 'contact' examples.

The TODO list is:
 - unit tests
 - documentation
 - fix problem with id returned on MySql create being the row number
rather than the primary key (not worked out how to do this yet).
 - could do with a refactor to separate out the database differences
into separate components.
 - would be nice to have optimistic concurrency.

I've updated MakePackage.php to exclude simpledb from the next release
(for reasons which should be clear from the above list :-) ).

Design change since original post.  Instead of use_lower_case in the
ini file, you can state case = "xxx" , where xxx is one of "upper",
"lower" or "mixed".  Mixed just  makes the first letter of each
property a capital and the rest lowercase.


On 5 Jun, 16:51, Graham Charters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 5 Jun, 13:39, Caroline Maynard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Graham Charters wrote:
> > > There have been a few occasions where I've wanted a quick and easy way
> > > to access a single database table as part of an SCA component
> > > implementation.  I'm just adding the finishing touches (at least to
> > > the point where it might do something useful) to a binding called
> > > simpledb.  This gives you a CRUD (create, retrieve, update and delete)
> > > service interface over a database table.  It's a bit Active Record
> > > like, but more simplistic.
> > Sounds interesting. So, this works with just a single table, with the
> > ORM being a 1-1 correspondence between columns and properties? And does
> > it depend on PDO, or ..? (Or I could just wait for the code :-)).
> Yes, your summary of the ORM is correct.  And, yes, it depends on
> PDO.  It's been written to support MySQL and DB2 (need to test I
> haven't broken this with my latest changes).  It's not particularly
> well factored at the moment for adding support for other databases :-
> ( .

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