On 6/22/07, Matthew Peters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have just committed the DUNLIN branch to HEAD, and built and
> released it as release 1.2.2. The release notes are:
> * Fixes for PECL bugs:
> - PECL#10925 - Don't treat magic PHP methods as service operations
> - PECL#10989 - don't automatically make all types in the wsdl nillable
> - PECL#10994 - Business Exceptions Data Returned to Client
> - PECL#11004 - WSDL Generated Does Not Validate
> - PECL#11012 - Visual Studio Consumption of SCA Generated WSDL
> * Other:
> - Pick up revision 546761 of Tuscany SDO code.
> - Include new eBay soap binding
> - Tactical version of the in memory caching of the data model enabled
> for eBay binding
> - Unit tests keep going to conclusion even when extensions are missing
> - Added the eServiceStore example - shows several components which can
> be make local or
> remote with only a swift change of the @binding annotations.
> The next development branch has been created: it is EIDER. The Eider
> is the UK's largest duck.
> >
> Well done Matthew and thank you. I've tried to create a new page "Contents
of Release From EIDER Branch" as I wan't to put a couple of things on there
that I want to get in (I hasten to say theu aren't done yet). However Google
fell to it's knees trying to create the page so I'll note them here lest I
forget and give it a go a bit later.

- *TUSCANY-1362 <http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/TUSCANY-1362>* Tuscany
fix for the extra calls out to the network occuring when importing XSDs
- PECL 11401  - The order of attributes thing that is causing tests to
appear to fail on Linux



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