The best news from my point of view was that we got a fix to Apache
Tuscany JIRA 1112, (Apache Tuscany is the C++ SDO which lives
underneath the PHP SDO) which meant we could close pecl bug 9867. This
one concerned the XML that got generated from an SDO by the XML DAS,
where the elements names were coming out in the wrong namespace - or
rather in a namespace at all - e.g. we would generate something like
<add xmlns="http://Component"; xmlns:tns2="http://www.test.com/info";>

when we should have been generating something more like

<tns:add xmlns:tns="http://Component";>

You'll see the default namespace has gone, and name, first and last
are all in no namespace. That's better.

PECL BUG 11388

There has been an explanation on a different thread (see upgrading
EIDER to latest Tuscany code) about the reason why the way we were
testing the soap binding will not work with 5.2.3. It will require
that the soap binding uses the soap extension differently.

PECL BUG 11121

This was a nasty little problem to do with how we tell from inside SCA
where we have been called from, which we do because we want to resolve
relative paths against the component or script from which we have been
called. I had fixed it a while ago but not closed the bug

Since I have been delinquent - I volunteered to do this weekly then
did nothing for a while - I will just mention as a catch-up, that
there has been no other bug activity since we released the DUNLIN
branch as 1.2.2

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