Today I packaged up EIDER and turned it into release 1.2.3. The
contents are follows:

* Fixes for PECL bugs:
 - TUSCANY-1362 - Incorrect operation of code that checks whether
schema is loaded before going out on the net to   retrieve it.
- TUSCANY-1112 - (which is PECL 9867) Incorrect namespaces in
generated XML
- TUSCANY-1564 - (which is PECL 11774) xsi:type not always set for
- TUSCANY-1566 - Elements coming out in wrong namespace (found by
Caroline and reported in the phpsoa group under "Experiences with
* Other:
- Pick up revision 568244 of Tuscany SDO code.
- There is a new Rest Resource binding, with tests and examples.
- There is a new simpledb binding with examples

The new development branch is FULMAR, sticking with the shore- and sea-
bird theme we have been on for a while.

The fulmar is related to the albatrosses. It flies low over the sea on
stiff wings, with shallow wingbeats, gliding and banking to show its
white underparts then grey upperparts. At its breeding sites it will
fly high up the cliff face, riding the updraughts. They will feed in
flocks out at sea. They defend their nests from intruders by spitting
out a foul-smelling oil.

We may have to stick with seabirds for a while. I am keen not to be on
poultry as we go past the letter "T". I don't want a release called

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