We've recently had a number of XML related defect raised against SDO
(11923, 11925, 11926, 11927, 11930 and 11931).  These seem to all boil
down to strictly enforcing the XML schema.  See the brief discussion
in 11925 for more details.

This phpsoa group discussion (http://groups.google.co.uk/group/phpsoa/
browse_thread/thread/0697ece05fd15c12) is where we left the subject
some time ago. I'm a little concerned that google thinks there are
more posts than it is actually showing and I also seem to recall there
being a little more than I now see.  I believe we concluded we would
implement a validate() method on the XML DAS.  Internally this would
serialize to an XML string and use an existing validating parser to
check it (Rob suggests SAX above).  Not pretty, but would give us
something to work with/throw rocks at :-S .

Does this match other people's recollections?


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