Hi Tom,

Yes, this is the right place to discuss additions to the Bindings.
Looking forward to your thoughts...

Regards, Graham.

On 21 Nov, 16:41, Tom <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > For the bugs, these should be raised on the bugs system, and if you have
> > proposed patches you should make them accessible so that a developer can
> > review them.
> Only fixed one small bug so far. I'll report it.
> > For the new features, you should start some discussions about your
> > proposals here on the list, so that interested parties, both developers
> > and users, can comment. After that would be the time to discuss
> > integrating code into the repository.
> The new features are extending some of the Bindings. Is this the right
> forum for discussing additions to those?
> /Tom
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