Caroline Maynard wrote:
> Tom wrote:
>> Hi guys!
>> The following code produces malformed XML output:
>> $type   = $sdo->getTypeName();
>> $xdoc   = $this->xml_das->createDocument('', $type, $sdo);
>> $xmlstr = $this->xml_das->saveString($xdoc);
>> Try looking at this document that was produced this way:
>> The problem seems to be that characters like & are not escaped during
>> XML creation.
>> How can I fix this? Seems like the SDO_DAS_XML class is not part of
>> the installed PHP SCA SDO package?
> Hi Tom,
> The SDO_DAS_XML is part of the SDO extension. You'll need to dig into 
> the C source if you want to work with it - look in CVS for this 
> (
> I agree that it's wrong for SDO to output xml containing & characters 
> rather than & in values, as this is not well-formed xml. I'll think 
> about a fix. This problem may be quite pervasive.

Matthew, I see you've found a Tuscany problem 
( already open for 
this. Even if that gets fixed though, I don't think we can always depend 
on Tuscany - the SCA code generates some xml itself in places, does it 
not? - so we have to be prepared with the htmlentities($in, ENT_QUOTES) 
  or its internal equivalent, I think.

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