I have built and released FULMAR as 1.2.4

The contents are:
# The ability to control the operations on a service interface through
a PHP interface
by specifying the PHP interface on the @service annotation - e.g.
@service MyServiceInterface
# PECL bug 11997 - don't remove xsi:type (except on top level soap
message or response)
# PECL bug 11996 - not showing LIBXML2 parse errors
# PECL bug 12193 - alphabetical order of namespaces causes failure
# PECL bug 12103 - saveString doesn't encode entities
# PECL bug 12443 - unable to access an XSD property containing a
hyphen (-)
# PECL bug 13101 - Repeated nill elements of extended type cause
"Parser found unknown element" exception
# Fix to add wsdl namespace prefix to element in WSDL, without which
it will not validate.
# Fix for Tuscany AccessViolation problem when serializing a DO
# Backward-compatible updates to SDO extension so that it will work
with PHP 5.3
# Backward-compatible updates to SCA so that it will work with PHP
# Fix for failures that occur when using the soap extension - see
thread "SCA Webservice in WSDL mode"
# Substantial rework of the examples to illustrate more bindings - see

Some of the regression tests are not working and I have made them
skip, but raised defects on PECL. I decided I did not want to wait any
longer. The phpunit tests all run and so do the examples under apache

Here is the phpt output:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] tests]$ sudo pear run-tests -r
Running 22 tests
PASS [ 1/22] Check for sdo presence[SDO/phpt/001.phpt]
PASS [ 2/22] SDO getType test[SDO/phpt/002.phpt]
PASS [ 3/22] SDO var_dump test[SDO/phpt/003.phpt]
PASS [ 4/22] SDO_DAS_XML load test[SDO/phpt/005.phpt]
PASS [ 5/22] SDO reflection test[SDO/phpt/006.phpt]
PASS [ 6/22] SDO exception test[SDO/phpt/007.phpt]
PASS [ 7/22] SDO_DAS_XML print test[SDO/phpt/008.phpt]
PASS [ 8/22] SDO test for copy object with property set to null[SDO/
SKIP SDO test xpath reference to nested open properties[SDO/phpt/
bug10842.phpt](reason: test requires version > 1.2.4)
SKIP SDO test for reading nillable elements[SDO/phpt/bug8694.phpt]
(reason: bug8694 is bogus)
PASS [11/22] test for bug #9243 - unnecessary warning messages loading
remote schema[SDO/phpt/bug9243.phpt]
PASS [12/22] SDO test unstructured text in sequence is preserved when
a DataObject is cloned[SDO/phpt/bug9487.phpt]PASS [13/22] SDO test for
PASS [14/22] SDO (another) test for copy object with property set to
PASS [15/22] Call a local component[SCA/phpt/001.phpt]
PASS [16/22] Call a remote component with a simple scalar type (string)
PASS [17/22] Call a remote component with a structured type[SCA/phpt/
PASS [18/22] Generate a service description (WSDL)[SCA/phpt/004.phpt]
SKIP SDO test for alphabetical type order bug[SCA/phpt/bug13090.phpt]
(reason: test requires version > 1.2.4)
SKIP SCA - test for WSDL which imports schema with no schemaLocation
attribute[SCA/phpt/bug8428.phpt](reason: test requires version >
PASS [21/22] SDO_DAS_XML test for escaping XML output stringss[DAS/XML/
PASS [22/22] SDO_DAS_XML test for element name containing hyphen[DAS/

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