Philip Olson wrote:
> Hello all-
> Just wanted to inform this list that the PHP Manual has received an
> overhaul lately and this includes the sdo documentation. You'll notice
> the content has been split into various book related categories, and
> there is room for more too! Like a faq.xml and/or tutorials.xml and/or
> more per extension. If you have questions or concerns please express
> them now. All references (like sca/, sdo/, sdo_das_xml/ and sdodasrel)
> have been updated.
> The changes are online:
>  *
>  *
>  *
>  *
> Regards,
> Philip

Philip, thanks for keeping us up to date.

I'm not keen on the categories that the SCA_SDO components have been 
placed in, which are:

    SDO: Database Extensions / Abstraction Layers
    SDO_DAS_XML: XML manipulation
    SDO_DAS_REL: Database Extensions / Abstraction Layers
    SCA: XML manipulation

This isn't easy, and we debated the question when we had to choose a 
category for the PECL project, but the one we ended up with there was 
"Web Services". I still think that would be the right category in the 
docs too, so I would move SCA there.

Although this is probably not explicit in the documentation, the SDO XML 
DAS is really a core function of SDO, unlike the Relational DAS which is 
  truly optional. Moreover a lot more people are using SDO for XML than 
for database. So I would move SDO to the "XML manipulation" section.

Since the Relational DAS makes no sense without the SDO core, I might be 
inclined to move that too, so that all the SDO elements are grouped 
together, with a "See also" under "Database Extensions / Abstraction 
Layers", but I'm not sure.

Any other opinions?

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