cdouglas wrote:

> I am trying to create an SDO_DAS_XML object using an XSD that
> imports 5 other XSD's and has multiple namespaces throughout.   The
> object gets created correctly and there are no errors thrown when I do
> the loadString, but the data from the XML doc doesn't get populated in
> the object. The structure is there. I am including the XML and the
> resulting dump but I doubt it will do any good without the XSD's.  I
> can provide a zip of a test program if a dev would be willing to try
> it out.

Something a bit odd going on here ... I received this in my mailbox but 
can't see it in the group discussion.

Anyway, I'm willing to give it a go. The smaller you can make the 
testcase, the easier it will be to see what's happening ...

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