Thanks Caroline,

This toll is what I was needing for my work. Congratulations for the
well done work until now. It is sure a good toll for the php comunity.

When was it marked stable?
Is there a good didatic tutorial or docs you would suggest?

Thks again,

2008/11/14 Caroline Maynard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Bruno Reis wrote:
>> I'm facing some design decisions on a new project now that puts me
>> towards something like SDO, but being it an experimental extension,
>> it's hard to bet on it. May anyone tell me please, how is the SDO
>> development going and when is it supposed to become stable?
> Bruno, I'm wondering if you really mean SDO here, or the entire SCA_SDO
> package. The SDO extension >is< marked stable - perhaps a bit too stable
> for some :-(. But if you want to use SCA, then that has not been marked
> stable because the interfaces have sometimes changed from one release to
> the next, and it seemed too soon to burden developers with mandatory
> backward compatibility. Both parts are getting little active development
>  at present, but we do try to fix bugs.
> >

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