Hello all,

I've seen some very similar posts to my problem, but have not yet
found a solution for me.  I'm trying to generate the wsdl for the
following sample from the php manual:


include "SCA/SCA.php";

 * Scaffold implementation for a remote StockQuote Web service.
 * @service
 * @binding.soap
class StockQuote {

     * Get a stock quote for a given ticker symbol.
     * @param string $ticker The ticker symbol.
     * @return float The stock quote.
    function getQuote($ticker) {
        return 80.9;

I go to the correct location, with ?wsdl, but I get a blank page.  No
error.  I check my apache logs, and see no error, though it does
report the request in the access log.  I have the sdo extension
loaded, and phpinfo() reports the SOAP extension is loaded.  I'm
running the apache and php from ubuntu's 9.04 repo, and sca_sdo from
PECL.  Any ideas why it's not working?  Could there be some phantom
logs somewhere I don't see?  Is there some way to see more logs?


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