Hi everyone,

The new PHPTAL release is out :

Applied patch from Kornel Lesinski

    * Added phptal:cache that caches HTML of any given tag,
* Added phptal_tale() which returns chained TAL expressions as a single PHP expression. It's quivalent to phptal_tales(), but can be used in more contexts (i.e. ${foo | bar}),
    * metal:fill-block can fill blocks in parent contexts,
    * slightly improved runtime error messages.

Other svn pending fixes:

    * fixed "not" bug with complex php: expressions,
    * fixed tales string backslash escaping,
    * fixed only escape < and > in PCDATA,
* fixed php:$foo expression which is evaluated to php:${foo} equals $ctx->{$ctx->foo}.

And it was my last release!

As explained in another mail I don't work with PHP anymore and thus don't have the motivation to maintain a library I don't use anymore (even if it is a good one:)

Kornel Lesinski should take the head of the project within the following days/weeks, we will discuss about the details as soon as I will be installed in my new home.

Thank you all for using PHPTAL, it really was a pleasure to work on this project and I am sure Kornel will take -with your help- PHPTAL a lot further than I did.

Laurent Bedubourg
Laurent Bedubourg

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