Hi Laurent!

Thank you for the new release. Yay!

It's so sad to hear that you are leaving. Thank you so much for changing the way we develop web sites with PHP! You really did something amazing with PHPTAL. Thanks again.

Kind Regards,

lbedubourg wrote:
Hi everyone,

The new PHPTAL release is out :

Applied patch from Kornel Lesinski

    * Added phptal:cache that caches HTML of any given tag,
* Added phptal_tale() which returns chained TAL expressions as a single PHP expression. It's quivalent to phptal_tales(), but can be used in more contexts (i.e. ${foo | bar}),
    * metal:fill-block can fill blocks in parent contexts,
    * slightly improved runtime error messages.

Other svn pending fixes:

    * fixed "not" bug with complex php: expressions,
    * fixed tales string backslash escaping,
    * fixed only escape < and > in PCDATA,
* fixed php:$foo expression which is evaluated to php:${foo} equals $ctx->{$ctx->foo}.

And it was my last release!

As explained in another mail I don't work with PHP anymore and thus don't have the motivation to maintain a library I don't use anymore (even if it is a good one:)

Kornel Lesinski should take the head of the project within the following days/weeks, we will discuss about the details as soon as I will be installed in my new home.

Thank you all for using PHPTAL, it really was a pleasure to work on this project and I am sure Kornel will take -with your help- PHPTAL a lot further than I did.

Laurent Bedubourg

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