lbedubourg wrote:
* Added phptal:cache that caches HTML of any given tag,
* Added phptal_tale() which returns chained TAL expressions as a single PHP expression. It's quivalent to phptal_tales(), but can be used in more contexts (i.e. ${foo | bar}),
* metal:fill-block can fill blocks in parent contexts,
* fixed "not" bug with complex php: expressions,
* fixed tales string backslash escaping,
* fixed only escape < and > in PCDATA,
* fixed php:$foo expression which is evaluated to php:${foo} equals $ctx->{$ctx->foo}.

I suspect I speak for a lot of people when I ask, what do all those mean, exactly? I.e., for the features, what can/should one do now that one couldn't before, and for the fixes, what didn't work before but does now? (I'm not partial as to whether Laurent or Kornel or someone else answers this.)

And Laurent, I know I speak for a lot of people in saying, "So long and thanks for all the <strike>fish</strike> code!"

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