Sorry for the response delay.

At some point, I saw I was in the middle of a big really big
refactoring, and I'm afraid it is very related to the framework I use.
However I would like to make some observations about my findings.
Apart from the DOM parser, one of the things I pursued was to replace
constants by configuration, and remove code that was automatically
executed during file inclusion. E.g., namespaces are registered if
PHPTAL is configured for that, and then it registers only what is set
in config - and by default config has the built-in namespaces :). I'd
like to elaborate these a bit more as suggestions for PHPTAL, but
first I have to dig back what I've done. Then, I'll try to extract the
DOM parser into a pure PHPTAL installation, because mine is *too*
changed now :(.

rodrigo moraes

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