Hi James,

I didn't think it was possible to nest tales modifiers because the
parser assumes that anything after the modifier is the subject that
needs modifying.  Maybe I'm wrong but it doesn't matter - I've run
into this before and here's what I did (using your code):

<tal:block tal:define="global prodSellPrice
<td tal:content="money: prodSellPrice"></td>

The <tal:block/> could be another <td/> with an tal:omit-tag in it
but...I like using tal:block if I'm just defining a variable.  So the
TAL variable gets defined to the php: value, then the money: modifier
will format the TAL variable.  I haven't tried doing the define in the
<td/> tag - I just like to keep that stuff separated.

If you HAVE to have nested modifiers then, because the money: modifier
comes before the php: modifier, you could regex the $src argument for
modifiers and handle the nesting yourself in the tales_money function
- but I'm not sure how to handle modifiers inside a tales function.


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> Howdy,
> I'm building a few custom tales modifiers to use in my templates but
> i've run into an issue with the syntax to use in the actual function
> itself. What i've attempted to build is a tales function that formats
> a number in the correct format for display on the site. There is an
> example in the PHPTal manual but it must be based on an old version of
> PHPTal because it fails.
> What I have is this:
> function phptal_tales_money($src, $nothrow) {
>     $src = trim($src);
>     return 'sprintf("%01.2f", ' . PHPTAL_TalesInternal::path($src,
> $nothrow) . ')';
> }
> Using the static path method works as expected in another custom tales
> function i've created, however when I use the new money: type it fails
> to handle the nested php: tales.
> This is the PHPTal:
> <td tal:content="money: php: prodRow.getProductPrintableSellPrice()"></td>
> Generated Template PHP which clearly generates a parse error:
> <td><?php echo phptal_escape(sprintf("%01.2f", $ctx->php:
> prodRow->getProductPrintableSellPrice()), ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8') ?></td>
> If anyone could provide any tips on how to do it with a later version
> of PHPTal that would be most appreciated.
> Cheers,
> James
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