On 01.02.2008, at 13:12, Julien Fredon wrote:

Hello phptal users,

I have a problem with PHPTAL and PDO (www.php.net/pdo) when i use tal:repeat.
PHPTAL_RepeatController seems angry with PDOStatement.

PDOStatement is not "Iterator" but it's "Traversable"

That's the problem indeed. Traversable interface doesn't even offer methods for returning current key and PDOStatement doesn't count total number of rows at all.

I've changed SVN version of PHPTAL to be less picky about what it iterates and use keys obtained from foreach() instead of getting them via interfaces or array_keys(). This allows basic iteration of PDOStatement, DOMNodeList, etc.

I'll think about supporting it better (which might require introspection of template code to check if repeat/last, etc. are used), but for now, if you need all repeat properties, my suggestion is to use PDOStatement::fetchAll().

regards, Kornel

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