I've built a template/associated code for generating an RSS feed from a
recordset, im having some trouble with the link attribute and I wondered
if anyone could shed some light on a workaround.


In my template I have tried both:


<link><span tal:content="article/articlelink"
<http://www.carbidefinger.net/%3c/span%3e%3c/link> >

<http://www.carbidefinger.net%3c/link> >


Both methods result in the following output after the template is parsed
(The dataset definitely contains article/articelink as the same function
is used with a different template for xhtml output):



For an RSS feed to be valid, it must have both <link> and </link> so
using tal:attributes is a no go.

Does anyone have a workaround for this? Or am I better off coding
something else to build the RSS structure?


The project is heavily based on PHPTAL so it would be nice to use it for
everywhere that repeatable regions are needed.


Thanks in advance

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